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Teachers and Their Contribution to National Development




“The Significance of Teachers Duties to any Government on Education”

Teacher’s duties on Education are of very, very strategic importance to the government of any country. Teachers inculcates moral values/virtues and disciplines, molds the characters-behaviors, inspires and impact skills and knowledge and develops individual in a country (mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and even spiritually) in line with the fundamental objectives, beliefs, customs, philosophies, policies, principles and the laws of the government of any country. This brings about efficient governance, effective participation of the people in the governance; reduction in illiteracy, moral decadence, corruption, crime and disorderliness.

Teachers are faced with the greatest responsibilities of sustaining the society and her objectives, beliefs, customs, good morals, philosophies, policies, principles and laws. For teachers to achieve these there is the need for them to intelligently and carefully educate those they are teaching to conform to the societal norms.

For teachers to teach effectively; they have to adhered to the following guiding principles and rules in teaching

(1) intelligent, careful and adequate preparation for lessons. This implies knowing very, very well about the topic to be thought, which will be logically developed and been ready to teach all they know about the topic not been economical and egocentric with teachings.

(2) Setting learning goals for the learners to achieve over a certain period of time with view on accomplishing the objectives, beliefs, customs, philosophies, policies, principles and laws of the society/government

(3) Checking the progress or success of the learners

(4) guiding the learners on the process and how to learn effectively. Instructing them collectively and individually on how best to accomplish the objectives and norms of the society

(5) most importantly, setting good example, been good advocate of the societal and governmental objectives and norms, so that the learners will imitate from the teachers who are supposedly practitioners. But contrary wise some teachers are very bad and evil. Definitely the learners will learn those evils from such teachers, this corrupts the good thing they had been trying to teach those learners.

One of the factors holding back development in the developing countries, like Nigeria is the poor states of their education, in Nigeria the standard of education is very poor: going by the poor academic performances of its students compared with they counter parts from other countries, which is one of the reasons why most Nigeria great men and women are not educated in their country or partially did so. Most graduates from Nigeria universities are equivalent to secondary school leavers in other countries; a recent statistical data released showed that 72% of graduates from Nigeria universities are not employable how then can such countries develop.

Nigeria learners had been made to reduce education to a mire sheet of certificate of graduation: memorizing facts, theories and laws about any discipline is not enough but learning and knowing the structures of any discipline should be cultivated which is the value and not certificate of theories, laws and facts for “experience is the ultimate determinant of knowledge”, the poor standard of education in Nigeria could be attributed to improper managements or that the educational objectives and norms, the curriculum etc are not perfect. But some methods, books, schemes of teaching in use in Nigeria are out dated imports from other countries.

The quality and the standards of teachers determines the quality and standards of education as well. The poor academic performances of the Nigeria learners shows that they are of poor quality and standard, most the best teachers in the country are the educational products of countries like Ghana, UK, US, India, etc. “many teachers that are the product of Nigeria educational are weak and egocentric and their product are fake, corrupt and expired graduates”. Teachers are rated by the academic performances of their students in view to accomplishing the general objectives and norms of the society and government.

To save the poor quality and standard of education in Nigeria, the educational objectives and norms should include the followings

(1) Acquiring of knowledge (the re-cognition, expression and recalling of specific information, laws, theories, facts, concepts and generalizations)

(2) Acquisition of intellectual skills, abilities and disciplines -(the involvement of the five ways of manipulating knowledge which are comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation)

(3) developing the individuals as a whole being

(4) education for citizens

(5) vocational training

(6) civil rights and duties

(7) character & moral value education. The primary school education, the most fundamental and compulsory,

(The least qualification for political offices in Nigeria): should include general education or liberal education as it’s called in the U.S.A liberal education constitutes the following

(1) teaching the learners to investigate all sides of problems before reaching a plan of action and conclusion

(2) moral values not money value or certificate values

(3) civic rights and duties

(4) reading and writing

(5) arithmetic

(6) ethical and intelligently judging ideas, events and concepts. The curriculum should reflect the learner’s needs: personal, emotional, physical, intelligent, spiritual and social needs.

These can save the poor quality and standard of education in the country. But the government has to recognize the significance of teachers and give them the necessary supports, recognition, motivation and empowerment. If the Nigeria governments empower teachers like the law enforcement agencies and give them the logistics, motivations and supports: moral decadence, crime, corruption, etc. will be overcome to the barest minimum instead of fighting crimes, corruptions, moral decadence, disorderliness, etc at their matured stage. The culprits are those who are not taught to conform to the objectives, beliefs, philosophies, customs, principles, policies and laws of the society. Teachers are the only people apart from parents and guidance that are fight same issues from their infant stages grassroots by they influences and teaching to people. So teachers should be given whatever they requests from the government, which will help them to efficiently, carry-out their duties.

But this could not be the reason for the recent teachers strike in Nigeria, teachers are clamoring for salary structure in all the Nigeria states. That can’t be possible. salary should be paid to the teachers in pari pasu with they work done not with certificates but with their work done. the equation should be balanced with their work done on the poor, intellectually undeveloped and unemployable students of Nigeria. “All fingers can’t be equal, monkey can’t be doing the working and baboon the eating” No, the law of nothing goes for nothing should be applied; since the work done are not equal the salary also can’t be the same.

The government should hire its teachers on contract basis with the agreement to raise the standard of its learners to a certain level over a certain periods of time. At the end of such period government should demand accountability, and the performance of learners tested by the government, to know if the contractors/teachers meet with contract agreements.

They are fully paid or retained only if the meet with agreements. Thus, Nigerian educational qualities and standards will be like that of U.S.A that has experimented it.

I love you,

Jp Udoba.


Source by Jp Udoba


Where to Find Those Efficient and Hardworking Affiliates?




Everyone wants a hardworking affiliate, employee, associate, partner, or even spouse, and why not? It’s the next best thing to doing the work yourself. However with the massive outbreak of work and income opportunities available online, how can you beat everyone else and find that one (or more) ideal person who will make your online business explode with success? Here are some of the most ingenious and uncommon ways to snag the idea affiliates for your affiliate program

Direct Sales Agents

Direct sales people are really one of the most enterprising, hard-working individuals in business. They mostly work on commissions or rebates and are willing to literally go door-to-door offering their products to anyone and everyone they bump into. Imagine how much easier their job would be if they could be an affiliate and simply work via the Internet and a mobile device or desktop.

Also, most direct sales people tend to carry more than one brand in their product arsenal so signing up as an affiliate would be almost the same type of work but using a different approach.

Colleges and Universities

Many college kids would be interested in a part-time income opportunity if it would mean funds to help pay for their education, loan, or partying. All you have to do is make sure to offer them products they can endorse as a student.


Did you know that the U.S. Census Bureau’s latest annual report show that 75% of U.S. businesses used freelancers in 2011? Freelancers earned a whopping US$990 billion in 2011 which is a 4.1% increase from the previous year. The only industries where the number of freelancers decreased were in insurance, finance, and construction. Most probably your affiliate program isn’t a part of these 3 industries.

Furthermore, online business and finance experts are predicting the growth to increase incrementally every year even with an economy that is improving. People just want income security and more control over their earnings. With the spate of lay-offs, it’s understandable why many would prefer to work as an affiliate than as an employee.

Scout For Them At Affiliate Conventions

There are annual affiliate conventions held in different cities around the country. You should try to catch one when it is held somewhere near your location. The average turn-out for these types of conventions has increased regularly over the years. Last year, many of them were sold out weeks before the event.


The US Census Bureau has said that as of 2012, 15% of Americans are poor, 43% of young adults depend on their parents to some extent for money. Even more surprising is that the median income of young adults in 1982 was $31,583 and last year it was $30,604 for the same age group! Income is dropping and people are looking for ways to earn additional income outside of their 9 to 5 jobs. That’s where you can come in playing the hero and helping others realize their dream income.

Finally, go online and talk about your product. Make the affiliate marketers come to you and have the luxury of picking the best candidates. You will need some help in marketing your affiliate program so target a marketer who’s experienced in affiliate program and SEO.


Source by Lina Stakauskaite

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Recession Is Here… Six Costly Mistakes Home Sellers Make During Recessions And How To Avoid Them




The U.S. is officially in a recession. What is a recession? A recession is a business cycle contraction or general economic decline due to significant drop in spending and other commercial activities. Most pundits and politicians will blame Covid-19 crisis for the recession, but even pre-Covid-19 the proverbial writing was on the wall.

The U.S. had over 120 months of economic growth, which was the longest expansion in the modern history. Other indicators, such as negative yield spread on treasuries (long term bonds having lower interest rates than short term T-notes), were pointing to an imminent change of the economic cycle and an impending recession. The only real question was: when and how bad?

Then Covid-19 came… If the cycle was going to change anyway, Covid-19 acted as a huge and unexpected accelerant to make the recession much more immediate and severe.

Inevitably during recessions all classes of real estate, including residential homes and condominiums, will be negatively impacted as lower consumer spending and higher unemployment rates affect real estate prices and marketing times.

Here are the six costly mistakes home and other real property sellers make during recessions and how to avoid them:

Mistake #1: This will pass and real estate market will be hot again soon

First thing to remember is that real estate cycles are much longer than general economic cycles. Even if the general economy recovers, which eventually it always does, a typical real estate cycle takes as long as 10 to 15 years. The cycle has four key stages: Top, Decline, Bottom and Rise.

Let us consider the last real estate cycle, which lasted approximately 14 years:

  • 2006 – Prices hit the Top
  • 2006 to 2012 – Prices Decline
  • 2012 – Prices hit the Bottom (Trough)
  • 2012 to 2019 – Prices Rise*
  • 2020 – Prices hit the Top
  • 2020 to? – Prices Decline

*NOTE: In 2016 the national residential real estate price index reached its pre-recession 2006 peak levels. It took 10 years for the real estate market to recover.

The way to avoid this mistake is to recognize that real estate cycles take years to run and plan accordingly. Additionally, nobody knows for sure when the prices will hit the top or bottom until after the fact.

Mistake #2: Low interest rates will make the economy and real estate market rebound

Between 2006 and 2011 the interest rates (Fed Funds) were continuously cut by the Federal Reserve Board and went from low 5% to almost 0%. However, that did not stop the real estate recession and depreciation of property values.

Undoubtedly, low interest rates made the economic decline and real estate recession less severe and saved some properties from foreclosures, but it still took six painful years for the real estate market to hit the bottom and then four more years for the prices to go back to their pre-recession levels.

Some markets had never fully recovered. For example, residential home prices in some parts of California, Arizona and Nevada are still below their 2006 highs.

To avoid this mistake, one needs to realize that although low interest rates help stimulate the economy and the real estate market, they do not cure them.

Mistake #3: I don’t need to sell now, so I don’t care

If you do not need to sell until the cycle plays out, which typically is over ten years, then you will not be as affected, especially if you have a strong equity position, limited mortgage debt, and solid liquid assets.

However, it is good to keep in mind that “life happens” and either professional or personal circumstances can change and we may need to sell property before the downturn runs its course.

Furthermore, if a property has a mortgages and its value declines to the point being “upside down,” meaning the mortgage loan balance exceeds the value of the property, then the options of selling, refinancing or even obtaining an equity line of credit, will be significantly limited.

This does not mean that everybody should be rushing into selling their real estate if there is no need to do so, just keep in mind that circumstances may and often do change and property options will be affected, so plan in advance. As one wise proverb says: “Dig your well before your thirst.”

Mistake #4: I’m selling, but I won’t sell below my “bottom line” price

This is a common and potentially very costly mistake. Generally speaking, every seller wants to sell for the highest price and every buyer wants to pay the lowest price. That’s nothing new. When selling real estate, most sellers want to achieve a certain price point and/or have a “bottom line.”

However, it is important to understand that the market does not care what the Seller, or his/her Agent, think the property value should be at. The market value is a price a willing and able buyer will pay, when a property is offered on an open market for a reasonable amount of time.

Overpricing property based on Seller’s subjective value or what is sometimes called an “aspirational price,” especially in a declining market, is a sure first step to losing money. When a property lingers on the market for an extended period of time, carrying costs will continue to accumulate and property value will depreciate in line with the market conditions.

Additionally, properties with prolonged marketing times tend to get “stale” and attract fewer buyers. The solution is to honestly assess your selling objectives, including the desired time-frame, evaluate your property’s attributes and physical condition, analyze comparable sales and market conditions, and then decide on market-based pricing and marketing strategies.

Mistake #5: I will list my property for sale only with Agent who promises the highest price

Real estate is a competitive business and real estate agents compete to list properties for sale which generate their sales commission incomes. It is not unusual that Seller will interview several agents before signing an exclusive listing agreement and go with the agent who agrees to list the property at the highest price, often regardless if such price is market-based.

Similarly to Mistake #4, this mistake can be very damaging to Sellers, as overpriced properties stay on the market for extended periods of time costing Sellers carrying expenses such as mortgage payments, property taxes, insurance, utilities and maintenance.

Furthermore, there is the “opportunity cost” since the equity is “frozen,” and it cannot be deployed elsewhere till the property is sold. However, the most expensive cost is the loss of property value while the real estate market deteriorates.

During the last recession, we have seen multiple cases where overpriced properties stayed on the market for years and ended up selling for 25% to 40% below their initial fair market values.

The solution is to make sure that your pricing strategy is based on the market, not empty promises or wishful thinking.

Mistake #6: I will list my property only with Agent who charges the lowest commission

Real estate commission rates are negotiable and not set by law. A commission usually represents the highest transactional expense in selling real properties and is typically split between Brokers and Agents who work on the transaction

Some real estate agents offer discounted commissions, in order to induce Sellers to list their properties with them. But does paying a discounted commission ensure savings for the Seller? Not necessarily.

For example, if the final sales price is 5% to 10% below property’s highest market value, which is not that unusual, due to inadequate marketing, bad pricing strategy, and/or poor negotiation skills, it will easily wipe out any commission savings and actually cost the Seller tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenues.

The solution is to engage an agent who is a “Trusted Advisor,” not just a “Salesperson.” A Trusted Advisor will take his/her time and effort to do the following: 1) Perform Needs Analysis: listen and understand your property needs and concerns; 2) Prepare Property Analysis: thoroughly evaluate your property and market conditions; 3) Execute Sales and Marketing Plan: prepare and implement custom sales and marketing plan for your property; and 4) Obtain Optimal Results: be your trusted advocate throughout the process and achieve the best possible outcome.

Finding such a real estate professional may not be always easy, but it certainly is worth the effort and will pay off at the end.

In conclusion, this article has outlined six costly mistakes real estate Sellers make during recessions and how to avoid them. The first mistake is not understanding that real estate cycles are long and take years. The second mistake is a misconception that low interest rates alone will create a recovery. Another mistake is not realizing that circumstances may change and not planning in advance. Mistakes number four, five and six pertain to understanding the market value, proper pricing and selecting the right real estate professional.

By understanding and avoiding these mistakes, real estate Sellers have significantly better chances of minimizing the negative impact of a recession while selling their properties.


Source by Robert W. Dudek

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Useful Tips To Build The Best Gaming Computer




Every gamer will want their computer to be the best gaming computer among their peers. Sometimes, with a little knowledge and tips and tricks, it is possible to build the best gaming computer and show it off to your peers. This article will show you how:

1) You can’t get the best gaming computer from computer retailers

If you want to get the best gaming computer, you have to build your own. Different gamers have different requirement for their gaming machine. Unless you are willing to pay a high price, you will not be able to buy a commercial computer that fulfills all your gaming needs. The only option you have is to build your own gaming computer.

2) You don’t have to be rich to build the best gaming computer

It is not necessary to burn a hole in your pocket to build the best gaming computer. With some due diligence, do some market research and compare prices around the marketplace. Merchant such as TigerDirect and NewEgg give regular discount to their products and you could save a lot of money if you catch them during their promotional period.

3) Most expensive parts do not have to be the best part

Sometime, the latest model or the most expensive model does not have to be the best part for your computer. It requires various components to work together to form the best computer system. When choosing a computer part, what matters is how well it can integrate with the rest of the components. Compatibility is more important than individual performance. What use is there if you spend lot of money on the latest quad-core processor and find that your motherboard doesn’t support it?

4) You don’t need to change the whole PC to own the best gaming computer

It is a misconception that you have to change the whole gaming machine to build the best gaming computer. If you already have a good barebone system, what you need to do is to upgrade the necessary parts and your gaming computer can roar back to life instantly.

5) Brand is important

Unless you want to see your computer system malfunction every few days, it is important that you purchase the parts from branded manufacturers with strict quality control. Motherboard brand such as Gigabyte, ABIT, ASUS are some quality brands that you can consider

If you follow diligently to the tips stated above. You will be on your way to build the best gaming computer. While price can be an issue, it is better not to scrimp on important computer parts such as motherboard, CPU, RAM and graphics card as it will cost you more to upgrade in the future.


Source by Damien Oh

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